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Cérbero was formed in 1980, in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, by the brothers Marco Tonalezzi and Carlo Tonalezzi on guitars, Sergio Gonçalves on bass, and Tony Fontão on drums.


The goal was to play the fastest and heaviest Metal possible, while, at the same time, keeping the balance between aggressiveness, adrenalin, and musicality.


Our first gig, at the Fofinho Rock Club in 1982, was a huge success, even causing a bit of a problem with the house DJ, because most of the crowd, which normally hang out at the main hall of the establishment, on the second floor, went down to the bar, where Cérbero was playing, attracted by the incredibly fast, heavy, and loud sound of the band.


 The house DJ actually asked the band to lower their volume because the dance hall had become empty, but the crowd complained because they wanted to hear Cérbero at their full power. And that was exactly what happened.


In a short time, the band got a great number of friends and fans that packed every show.


The shows at the Rainbow Bar in the early 80s were unforgettable to all who were there.

Live at the Rainbow_09_DoubleCenter_b2

The place would get packed, with double capacity, and with half of the crowd on the outside, wanting to get in.


 Cérbero performed at several venues in São Paulo until the end of 1984, like for exemple, the Rainbow Bar, Lira Paulistana, Carbono 14, Clube Vila Mariana, Fofinho Rock Club, Aeroviários, etc.

cerbero-flier-fofinho-1982cerbero-flier-lira-31DEZ84gcerbero-flier-vila mariana-1984cerbero-flier-aeroviarios_1984

That period saw the beginning of a strong movement in the direction of a much faster and more aggressive form of Metal.


The terms, Thrash, Power, and Speed Metal were starting to appear.


 Motörhead, Iron Maiden, and Metallica were doing very well, and Cérbero was forging their reputation as one of the Brazilian bands with the best chances of representing Brazilian Metal on the international scene.


 Even with the presence of an "underground" movement in the direction of the kind of music that Cérbero was playing, and with packed shows, it seemed unlikely that the band would be able to sign with a label that would give them the necessary exposure if they continued in Brazil.


 It is evident now that the situation of Metal in Brazil was about to change, but, back then, things were not so clear.


 At the end of 1984, the band decided to try its luck in New York.


 Almost simultaneously, Cérbero was invited to participate in Luis Calanca´s SP Metal project but they had to decline because they already had sold all their equipment and were leaving for New York.


 In 2005 the band released Cérbero: Official Bootleg - Live at the Rainbow, SP, Brazil, 1983.

cerbero_cd_b   Live at the Rainbow_01_FrontCover-s3

The recordings were made with bare minimum equipment and resources, and were meant only as a reference for the band but, since Cérbero had never released a studio album, and the recording really captured the essence of the band's live sound, and a great exchange of energy between the band and the crowd, they were released in order to mark the 25th anniversary of the band´s formation.

Live at the Rainbow_04_Tray-s